Think about it: you scroll through hundreds of headlines in your email inbox every day. Which ones do you actually click on? Headlines are your first, and sometimes the only impression you’ll make on your readers. While 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, only 2 out of 10 will actually read your content.

Writing a good headline is crucial to getting your content noticed. Try out some of these simple formulas to write great headlines.

How to (verb) and (effect)

People are more likely than ever to look to the internet for answers to problems they have. “How to” guide headlines can clearly state how to fix a problem, with an additional benefit.

Change your title from “Writing Headlines” to “How to Write Headlines That Will Get Read”

Listicles (Numbered articles)

Scrolling through social media outlets, you might come across articles like “15 Ways to Save Money on Groceries” or “7 Must Have Summer Wardrobe Items.” It seems like listicles are everywhere these days. Because there are a finite number of items to read, readers know what to expect and the information becomes easy to digest.

Change your title from “Awesome Startups in Atlanta” to “5 Atlanta Startups That Are Worth $100 million”

“Why _____” or “The Secret Of _____” (The Irresistible Promise)

This one packs a little bit more punch than a how-to headline. The headline contains something that is desirable and as a result, readers won’t be able to resist the urge to click on it.

Change your title from “Popular Shoes Worn by Athletes” to “Why These Olympians Won’t Buy Anything Other than Nike” or “How to Get Great Skin” to “The Secret of Getting Flawless Skin”

The Question

Another method is to ask your headline in the form of a question that many of your readers would identify with. By asking a question, you can draw curiosity from your reader and they’ll want to know the answer.

Change your title from “Top Digital Marketing Mistakes” to “Are You Making These Common Digital Marketing Mistakes?”

The Urgent

It’s appropriate to use a slight bit of urgency and negativity when necessary. Instilling a sense of worry in your readers will make them want to read on.

Change your title from “Watch Out For Early Signs of Depression” to “Warning: These 6 Symptoms are Early Signs of Depression”


Finally, adding adjectives can draw your reader in and can be combined with any of the above templates.

Change your title from “7 Tips to Help Perfect Your Golf Swing” to “7 Crucial Tips to Help Perfect Your Golf Swing.”

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