We believe small businesses are the backbone of a prosperous society. Businesses succeed when they focus on the qualities that make them unique, such as their product, their brand, and their customer experience.

At Airlift, our mission is to give every entrepreneur the capability to share their products with anyone in the world.

That’s why we build tools to make frustrating things such as shipping, logistics, and fulfillment as simple and seamless as possible.

Airlift is a modern fulfillment platform that allows online sellers store and ship their inventory. A user can connect their online store and request pickups for their bulk inventory.

An Airlift driver picks up the inventory and stores it in our warehouse. Whenever the user makes a sale, we package it and ship it out using third party carriers.

Previously I ran a small ecommerce business. Pains included storage, shipping, and multi-channel fulfillment. I spent most of my time packaging orders and couldn't grow the business. As an engineer with the pain close to my heart, I had to find a solution.

Small ecommerce businesses can spend an upwards of 80% of their time managing logistics. Friction within logistics can even deter a small business from ever starting. We believe that businesses should not only focus on growth but also focus on their competencies not packing and shipping orders. Currently traditional fulfillment companies use legacy systems to solve this problem which results in a horrible customer experience and subpar service.

I'm extremely proud of the progress that our small team has made in the past few months in launching this service and we can't wait for the journey ahead!

— Sheehan Khan, Founder and CEO

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